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So here comes a new year of Basketball, and with it come new potential. SO... I want to know if anyone thinks the blazers have it what it takes.
If you didn't know the Blazers have added veteran guard Andre Miller who by what the team has said is the link that the blazers have been missing. and Steve blake has become a completely different person. So what aer your thoughts?

Avatar swift
10-07-09 18:17
a sum of his things
i think its great when they score a point unit :3
Avatar gotcha
10-07-09 18:21
elowel user
Yeah but they will score more than just a point. I am pretty sure they will win 60 games this year.
Avatar camabar
10-07-09 18:53
If you say so.
I think they've definitely got what it takes. The Blazers' biggest problems are:

1. Lack of confidence. Once they know they're gonna lose, they stop trying. Which is a shame, because Blazer's are know to, well... pull a blazer (win at the last minute and it seems like a miracle).

2. Lack of experience. But then again, Miller might change that.

What's with Steve Blake? Also, I haven't checked - did they win their preseason game?
Avatar teh0mega *
10-07-09 20:13
selfcentered guy
baseketball is far superior to basketball. I'm sure nick will agree.
Avatar swift
10-07-09 20:59
a sum of his things
aaaaaaaaaaaw yeah i got your back on that one XD

"steve perry.... steeeeeeeeeeeeeve perry... steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve perry"
Avatar chelsitisss
10-08-09 17:34
Idk how i feel about Miller yet.
He seems entirely capable but he's hindering Bayless, which really needs playing time if he's gonna become the point guard of our future.
Oden is like 15 lbs slimmer and seems to have improved and Aldridge is in good form. I'm really looking for Rudy and Outlaw to give their game another dimension (Rudy - more running the point, Travis - taking it to the hole as well as continuing his killer js)
And Steve Blake should definitely start, regardless of whether Miller or him scores more - the chemistry is just better with Blake running the 1.
Avatar gotcha
10-08-09 17:40
elowel user
From what I saw Steve Blake is looking so freakin good this year that he looks like a completely different player from last year. And I agree with chelsea need to see some more rudy and outlaw.
Avatar unfathomablej
10-08-09 17:58
scholar of China
Three words:

Juwan Howard MVP.
Avatar gotcha
10-08-09 18:03
elowel user
NO let's try:
Brandon Roy MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar gotcha
10-08-09 18:40
elowel user
To answer your question Camabar... they did win their preseason game by three points.
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