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What about Quartets?

So I was sitting the Commons at the community college singing my favorite song at this point in time( Your Sixteen, Your Beautiful and you mine) and some person came over and said it was a great song. I said yeah but it's missing three other parts. They then went to tell me that quartets are not lagit anymore just single artists that have great voices. this made me think. Do quartets really not exisist in this world anymore? I went on to tell this guy that I happen to sing in a barbershop Quartet and that quartet singing is on the rise and that he should shut his fat lip and get a way from me. he then left. My question to you is what do you think. Are quartets still around or is it just singles and duets?

Avatar camabar
10-07-09 16:50
If you say so.
I think the Barbershop and A Capella community exist for those interested in it, not for the general public. Your average person doesn't even know what Barbershop is. It's like the 6th Harry Potter movie - at that point, they were making it for the fans.
Avatar gotcha
10-07-09 17:00
elowel user
Ah thanks. that does make sense. But the sixth harry potter film was missing some fital parts to it. although it was good it was missing that whole scene with dumbldores Tomb. but anyway thanks again.
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