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Recently the North Clackamas District decided, because of the budget cuts, to get rid of music at the high school. This is the dubest idea they have ever had. I mean music is essetial to learning. I mean studies have shown that kids that get into music and play music score better on most tests than the kids who don't.
Also, Why couldn't they have gotten rid of something that wasn't as important like.... The Rex Putnam Football Team... I mean no direspect to them but they haven't had a winning season since my freshman year. and when they did that it was the first time in 20 YEARS. also they don't win games at all. maybe one or two for the season but they usually get stomped on. My friends and I were talking that if you got rid of the things that we spend to much money on like that football team and the baseball team we could easialy have enough money to keep music at Rex Putnam high.
SO I had this Idea that it's time to do something. So for my senior project I put on a concert to raise money for the music programs in the neighboring elementary schools and I was able to stop the district, for a moment, from getting rid of those programs. I was thinking of putting on the concert again but this time it's to raise money for the music department at Rex Putnam high. Is this a good idea or should I let it be and let all of the music, in a sense, die?
Last friday my choir at CCC decided to choose section leaders and my director went around to all the sections to see who could play the piano. Well when he asked the tenors I was the only one who raised his hand. "great" so I was in charge of teaching guys that I don't know how to sing a piece that I don't know in a language...THAT I DON"T KNOW!!!!!(german if you were wondering)

Now my director decided to make the section leaders part of the CHOIR COUNCIL!!!(echo)lol. So now on top of teaching I have to go to regular meetings with people I don't know. Oh man oh man. I feel way over my head here. HELP!!!!
So this morning I got up to go play basketbell at rex putnam at 6:00(don ask why). and there was frost on the ground and all the bushes.

It was so bloomin cold that I had to put three hand warmers in my gloves and one in my shirt to keep myself from getting to cold. but anyway the point is I totally think that there will be snow this december. I'll even go out on a limb and say..."SNOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!"(knock on wood).
So here comes a new year of Basketball, and with it come new potential. SO... I want to know if anyone thinks the blazers have it what it takes.
If you didn't know the Blazers have added veteran guard Andre Miller who by what the team has said is the link that the blazers have been missing. and Steve blake has become a completely different person. So what aer your thoughts?
What about Quartets? 10-07-09 16:49
So I was sitting the Commons at the community college singing my favorite song at this point in time( Your Sixteen, Your Beautiful and you mine) and some person came over and said it was a great song. I said yeah but it's missing three other parts. They then went to tell me that quartets are not lagit anymore just single artists that have great voices. this made me think. Do quartets really not exisist in this world anymore? I went on to tell this guy that I happen to sing in a barbershop Quartet and that quartet singing is on the rise and that he should shut his fat lip and get a way from me. he then left. My question to you is what do you think. Are quartets still around or is it just singles and duets?
Hello There 10-07-09 16:30
My name is Gotcha! and I am new to Elowel. I know abunch of the users here so I won't be alone. But I was wondering if you could just give the crash course on how to use elowel. I mean I saw friends use this and I got interested except I have no idea what I am doing. help please.
Hello, 10-07-09 16:26
Hello my name is gotcha. I'm new to elowel.